Top 7 interesting facts about Shirley Temple Black

temple01Shirley Temple had lighten up the lives of millions of people with her adorable face and golden locks. This child-star of the 1930’s managed to make America forget about the Great Depression and became an iconic image for the country, which still live in people’s hearts, even after Shirley left us.


7. Being a child actor has many disadvantages, and for “Goldie Locks” here, one of them was that her Santa Claus fantasy ended too soon. When Temple was six and she met Santa, he asked her for an autograph. Since the poor child ceased to believe in the fatty’s existence.

6. At seven years old Shirley Temple’s life was insured at famed Lloyd’s of London. One of the contractual clauses was that if she died by intoxication, her family won’t receive a penny.

5. If nowadays child-actors are used to wear make-up, Shirley Temple didn’t use any. However, her locks were hand-made by her mother, who put more than 50 pins in her child’s hair every day. Ironically, the golden locks were Shirley’s trademark.

4. Shirley Temple lost the role of Dorothy Gale of The Wizard of Oz to Judy Garland in 1939 because her movie production house, 20th Century Fox, refused to lend her to a rival company, the MGM. The news was a sad one for Shirley as Oz was one of her favorite books and she had always wanted to play the part of Dorothy.

3. Shirley Temple first married at the age of 17 to John Agar. They both co-stared in a movie called Adventure in Baltimore. Their marriage soon broke up and later, at the age of 22, Shirley married Charles Black and took the name of Shirley Temple Black.

2. The big smile Shirley flashed in all her movies was many times endangered as the girl lost baby tooth quite often during filming. Every time one of her teeth came out, her mother kept the tooth and drove the girl to a dentist to have her made a mold of the lost tooth, which Shirley must wore at the filming. Otherwise, her career would have had an toothless smile end.

1. Shirley Temple was born to make her parents rich. Her mother Gertrude already had given birth to several boys when she read an article on how much money a child-actor can earn. As the family was poor, Gertrude decided to have a girl and make her an actress at all costs. Even if Gertrude wasn’t quite young anymore. To increase the chances to conceive a baby girl, Shirley’s father was advised by his doctor to had his tonsils removed, and he complied. So, after 12 years of marriage, Gertrude’s desire to get rich came true with the birth of Shirley Jane Temple, on 23rd of April 1928.


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