3 things you can learn about love and relationships from Adini Feriha Koydum



I’m not a big fan of the Turkish series following the life of young Feriha, but I find myself watching it on regular basis, so I began to extract some patterns out of it, some which are about the Turkish cinema, some related to love and relationships. Here is the list of the second category, but I will tackle the first one in another article soon.


  1. Men are stupid – literally! When you watch closely the series, all the men in there are lead by hormones and sentiments, regarding age, marital status or financial status. From Mehmet to Emir, Koray to Haldun and mighty, rough king-of-the-seas Levent, these men are lead in life by the women they stick with obsessively. And this leads me to the another point on this list…
  2. A woman can do anything to a man who loves her, because he will always stick to her. This is in a strong contradiction to the common belief about relationships: if you cheat and get discovered, you get dumped. In Feriha, all men are being cheated in one way of another, they are being lied to and treated like rubbish, but they close their eyes on everything and get on with the relationships.
  3. Women are either lying bitches, either sex addicts (and lying bitches). It may seem rough, but just look at it from an objective perspective: Feriha lied her way towards Emir’s heart, Zehra lied her husband all her life to protect her children from his nerves, Hande lied all the time, even herself. Sanem is a sort of recidivist, as she first was the lover of Haldun when he was married to Cansu’s mother, then she cheated him with Levent. Why? For sex, actually.
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    Muslim leauge TPML

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