Top 7 creative uses of a vagina – true stories from the boudoir

Men often take advantage of their harder parts and manage to introduce them in the most crazy, inappropriate and weird holes. And too often they require help to free their masculinity from the strange prison. But women apparently can be even more creative when it comes to a top of the most creative uses of a vagina.


Poster sex

vagina poster

A case of a woman rushed into the emergency room with severe abdominal pain is not a laughing matter. But when the doctors find a rolled poster inserted into her feminine parts, they may exchange a few smiles, while they relieve her pain by removing the poster.

Burning vagina

burning vagina

There are people fascinated by flames and by the actual burning process. And there are women searching for the ultimate sexual experience. If you combine these two you will end up with a vagina in flames. Yes, there are women who literally burn their intimate parts. They first apply a special gel and then use a torch to set it aflame.

Exploding vagina

exploding vagina

On the list of what women insert into their parts there is a very strange and dangerous entry, a real kamikaze one: a grenade. The staff from an El Salvador prison found a M67 grenade in a woman’s vagina who came to visit a friend. Sadly, their explosive plan was extinguished before it could burst into flames.

Piss in a vagina

piss and women

Webcam girls usually insert a small tube between their bottom to satisfy clients who ask them to piss in front of the camera. But they never insert a vodka bottle up on their vagina. One desperate woman on probation who needed to pass the drug test did this. Apart from the danger of ending up with a pile of glass pieces in her vagina, the woman forgot an important detail: the piss was from another drug addict.

 The hideout

woman hiding in the shadow

The case of a 23 year old pole dancer who lured men and then cleaned them of any valuable stuff could had been just an average story if the women hadn’t find a creative place to hide the money, jewels and watches she stole: her own vagina. The woman was part of a whole gang of human thieves equipped with vaginal safes.

Heroin baggage

heroin bag vagina

Many women use their vagina to hide drugs while they smuggle them from country to country. But ever wondered how many heroin balls can you hide in a vagina? Don’t bother to try, the answer is 71. At least this is the greatest amount of heroin balls ever found in a woman’s vagina until the present time.

Gun in a hole

woman with gun

After police arrested a woman for running away with meth, she claimed she cannot be intimately searched as she was on her period. Luckily, police women were not afraid to get their hands dirty and did proceed to search her body. After dropping the clothes, everyone could notice the woman had a gun in her vagina. A few minutes after and centimeters up, some meth bags were also found. Now that’s a hiding place!

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