Ipintoo takes social interactions to another level

Facebook which is now the biggest social media platform started out as a private network for a couple of guys who wanted to be the first to practice digital bullying. And they wrote people reviews, starting a huge business. Over time, many people got to know each other via social networking site, which made it one of the most productive relationship match makes to have ever existed.

And now Ipintoo takes it all to another level, as it brings a social networking platform which is build around the sole purpose of writing reviews on people you know.

Strongest points of Ipintoo


When I first opened the site, my only thought was “oh, god, just another match-making website, how boring”, but I was wrong, as the platform offers more than your average match maker. It allows you to build your own credibility while you build a reputation for people you know.

This means you get to add your own perspective on your mother/brother/friend/spouse, then others can also add their review on that person, building him/her a complete online profile.

But the strength of Ipintoo lies in another great option, which is asking out your crush anonymously. This sounds really bad at first, but when you actually do it, you can review how that person feels about you, which lets you have a realistic view on your future with the person. For example, if you ask out your crush and you get rejected because you are too egocentric, you can work on building up your empathy skills and then try asking that person out again. This can be really constructive for teens and work colleagues who are too shy to make the first step. This kind of social interactions can prevent you from building yourself a fake profile, which is a really frequent activity in nowadays digitalized world.

Another strong point of Ipintoo is the high level of usability: no matter how old or inexperienced you are, you can find your way in this social networking platform and create your account in a couple of seconds.

But there are also some flaws


Despite being really user-friendly, Ipintoo is not that great for new users who don’t have any friends already registered on the site. It doesn’t provide more than a plain, empty dashboard, where you can polish your own profile and write people reviews, but you can’t socialize with someone else.

Looking for strangers will definitely not work, so those of you who thought of promoting their businesses by adding fake friends should be warned. Not to mention, the social networking site is all about reviewing people you DO know.

One of the features which could had made the site really stand out of the crowded market is the tools which allows you to find people around you and make new contacts. Which is not working, thank you very much! Sadly, this could have been a great opportunity to start off things with Ipintoo after signing in, but instead of finding people around you, it just leaves you staring to an empty screen.

A social networking match maker as a promotion tool


There are no accounts for businesses, but you can use this social networking platform to promote your job while you build up your online reputation, as you can fill in your site and your job position. For a marketer, this is a great opportunity, enhanced by the fact Ipintoo is also present in the main social media sites.

All in one, Ipintoo is a great add to the market of social networking and the match maker market, despite it still needs some improvement. I look forward to see the moment when Ipintoo will be able to rival Facebook and other giants.


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