How can the people review platform iPintoo can save your child’s life

When you first hear about iPintoo, the new social platform, as a parent, you cringe to the thought your child has another account where he/she can be stalked by a wide range of criminals. But you should be happy, as this is not your average social networking site, but the place where people build reputations, as other review them. This will reduce the risk for your child and I will tell you how exactly in the following.

ipintoo friends

From the criminal profile to the sincere person – OK, this leap will probably never be made completely, but the new platform is gaining a reputation for itself, as more and more people sign up daily. On the current social media platforms people can make their own life, tailor it from top to bottom and paint it in bright, shiny tones. And this can be turned into a creepy tool, as many criminals stalk their victims online by pretending to be something they are not.

Take the example (which repeated for thousands of times across the world) of a teenage girl who used to chat to good looking boys via the social media accounts. She met a boy who was just the perfect guy: attentive, compassionate and full of sincere love to share. The girl was 14 and so was the boy, but they lived in different states. One night, he told her he will come to see her, so she gave him her address.

A couple of hours later, the girl’s father found her body raped and tortured in the outside garbage bin. The perfect boy was a 58 years rapist with multiple convictions. This story may one day be your story – frightening, right?

Well, iPintoo can reduce the risk of this to happen due to the actual goal of the site: you need to get other people reviews! So if you are a 58 year old, everyone will know it, so it will be twice, even triple times harder to lure an innocent child. Think that people who review you as a person must know you, so it will be hard for strangers to get in touch with your child and for him not to be aware what type of person he meets and how that person lives, because everyone is connected with other people he/she knows. And those people have their own personal reviews, and so on.

And before you mention it, iPintoo can be tricked and someone could fill in fake profiles, but he/she will need to make multiple accounts and fill in multiple reviews – so many, that he/she will just turn to other social media platforms for conducting these scams.

ipintoo people review

Until you encourage your child to make his/her own account on this new platform, just make it yourself and test it for a while, in order to convince yourself that the platform is suited for your child. Also, as you will get reviews and build up your own reputation, so when your child arrives on iPintoo, you can give him a review and make sure people who know you both are able to signal if something goes wrong and your little one might be in danger.


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