Online dating: how to find your Mr. Dreamy with iPintoo the safe way

Online dating via iPintoo is the perfect way to meet your match if you are one busy bee. And with almost all the people under 30 having a wacky schedule and virtually no free time, online dating might be your only chance to meet some hotties and put a ring on it.

Online dating had replaced the blind dates since people are hanging out online instead of going out, but the principles are the same: you chat with someone you don’t know and if you like each other, you go out for a date. But the thing is, the other person might not be who she/he say he is, so you can be in real danger when you go out for a date.

online dating via iPintoo

Doesn’t sound romantic and it isn’t, but you can go out there and find your perfect date with the help of iPintoo, the people review platform. The site offers multiple features which come in handy when you need to search for your partner’s background.

First, it’s the actual main idea of the site: it is build around the reviews made by people on their friends and acquaintances. This mean that you are more likely to find out if a man is 50 years old instead of 30, which is the age he told you. Also, you can find out what type of person he is due to reviews. Now, don’t be so naïve to believe that his friends will actually say he is a violent guy or that you will find about a sexy lady she is actually a so-called “black widow”; these type of reviews are rare. But, you can find out if a person is bosy or really ambitious, which are great features to have, but can turn out nasty in a relationship if something goes wrong.

One great thing you can benefit from online dating via iPintoo is that lies will be really short lived due to reviewing process. And you can also fill in a review of the people you dated, for that matter.

date with iPintoo

Before you do set up a meeting, spend time chatting and getting to know the person you like online, as this can protect you and keeps you safe for a period – which can be just the time you need to find any disturbing facts on the other person.

Take your time with online dating via iPintoo and act just like you would in a real-life relationship; studies shown that online relationships evolve too fast and are prone to failure, as the couple doesn’t have the opportunity to bond and see if they really fit each other. Building a relationship takes time and consistency, good things don’t jut happen overnight, so use the review platform iPintoo to know the other person to the core. Find people in their neighbourhood, see what kind of friends he/she has, browse their reviews as well and check for common interests.

When you feel right, ask your new friend out for an actual date and see what comes out from it.

find love with iPintoo

And here is a secret: you can actually ask your crush out anonymously via iPintoo! The process is really simple and you can describe yourself in a couple of lines, so you can see how well you two know each other. If your selected partner will recognise you, the process of asking out online will be a sort of cute pre-date.

Now, get your account on iPintoo and start dating!

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