Sir Tony Robinson Facebook FanPage

“A new fanpage about writer, actor and archaeologist, Sir Tony Robinson. So here it is

This is my first fanpage created out of pure desire to promote and celebrate one of the great men who helped me turn into what I am today. I admired him and along with Mihai Gainusa and Ion Luca Caragiale, Tony Robinson is one of my favorite writers.

And to my joy, as dark as it is due to personal issues, I am following their footsteps and I am now turning into a full-time writer as well.

My lovely page was born in the first days of August 2014, in the late hours, around 11pm and gathered 217 genuine organic fans until the next day at 12pm- more than any of the pages I had administered in the past at could gather on their own – no hacks, no tricks.

I will not use this to gain a fortune out of it, as someone once thought me to do, but I will dedicate my free (and busy) time to it, to grow it into an interactive hub for Tony Robinson fans.

I thanks to all the people who liked the page and I hope I will keep up a good work, in order to provide them with the content they want on their favorite celebrity.

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