Yes, I stand for Robin Williams

I wrote a lot about Robin Williams lately… Every single time someone great dies, he/she gets double or triple the amount of publicity he/she got when alive, but that’s the wonderful human being essence, so there is no reason to discuss this.
But I will stand up for my articles and for Williams.
I was accused of being “speculative” and “looking for excuses for a drug addict”, so I will reply to those who made these accusations. And I will not deny them!
Yes, I am looking for excuses and explanations why Williams killed himself, because he was one of the paternal figures I grew up with.
Ever since I began to read, I saw this man on TV and I loved what I saw. Most of the times.
I laughed at his impersonation of the old nanny, I cried lakes at his robocop-style movie and I always smiled on how great he is. Somehow, I loved him.
Not in the way you love a parent, a sibling, a spouse or else; I had a soft spot for him in my heart because he impressed my with his acting talent.
And I couldn’t believe this wonderful person was capable of drug addiction. In my mind there had to be something else to push him over the edge in this way and make him take his own life.
And yes, I did compared his act with my father’s final act of providing for his family: they both chose to go away and die, instead of forcing their families to see them suffering day over day. It happened to my father and now, I was able to recreate – yes, this IS speculation – the same pattern in Robin Williams, which could explain why he committed suicide and still kept him a hero in my heart and my mind.
Another point is that I am no stranger to suicide thoughts, even if I’m on pills for the disease. I also feel lonely, needy, clingy and helpless, like Williams probably felt – again, I’m making speculations – before he killed himself.
Been there, thought of doing that, so here I am with another plausible explanation to keep Robin Williams a hero and accept his suicide and all his addiction issues.

Yes, I stand for Robin Williams, the sensitive hero!

And I dare you to blame me again for this!


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