Thanks for Being a Jerk

I recently created two FB fanpages about two of my favourite actors with the sole purpose to make them complete libraries on the persons they were about, posting photos, interviews and such.
And naturally, being the well-educated girl I happen to be, I tried to contact all the other people who have sites on these two actors. After a couple of mails, I gave up and resumed my posting, assuming the site admins were no longer interested on the topic.
And guess what?
When I posted a photo from one of the most emailed (UNofficial) sites about one of the actors, the admin of the site popped up and shamed me. Oh really!
Where were you missy when I send you mails over mails??? Now you ask me to be ashamed of using “your” content?
I even left the watermark on the photo!!!! Because I didn’t MEANT to steal it, despite I could had done this.
So that’s it on one of the fanpages.

On the other one, people keep asking me if I’m the actor himself. When I reply them I’m not, they are suddenly not interested in the page anymore. So, if I want to make a community about an actor you are not interested, but you are interested in talking to the actor himself? What’s this?
Are you interested in talking to him because he is handsome or you want to know about his work and share thoughts with other people who like his movies?
I made a FanPage, not a “Date a Handsome Actor” Page.

All in one, I’m disappointed to the core and I will probably close the pages and carry on with admiring the work of these guys in private.

Well, guys, thanks for being a bunch of Jerks and showing me you can’t leave your bullying habit aside; not even when it comes to your favourite actor.

EDIT: OK, now I hope you are all happy and pleased with yourselves.


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