6 things I learned from Kommissar Rex which distort life

After almost 20 years I’ve rediscovered my all-time favorite series, Kommissar Rex. Of course, I HAD to re-watch all the eps, which I did. And while I was entertaining myself I couldn’t help but notice some things which managed to completely distort my life-long view upon life. Yes, Kommissar Rex altered my view upon life in such a degree I was able to identify X things which are now part of my fundamental opinions.10343692_707074739399670_4173056051375097846_n

And because I have a blog, I had to share these with you, so here you are:

1. Richard’s wardrobe defined my view upon the masculine outfit

Each character in the series has its own trademark outfit with Stockinger’s green matching suits, Hollerer’s  modern interpretation of the folk costume with suspenders, Bock’s blue suits and over-sized jacket and Graf’s bow tie. I can’t forget Brantner’s shirts, always revealing his six packs – phew!

But Richard’s outfit was carved deep in my mind as being the proper look for an eligible man: a nice blue or gray suit worn with a matching vest and a long overcoat. For me, that’s how a real man should look like.

And nowadays, when I look around I can see lots of low waist jeans, horrific jackets and lots of jewels in young men – YUCK! How am I going to find a proper-dressed man, like Richard Moser? Well, thanks a lot Kommissar Rex for distorting the image of a man for me 18 years ago!

2. Kommissar Rex leaves you with the false impression that all detectives are sweet and good looking

Yup, not much to comment on this one. I mean, just look at Moser and his super-kissable lips and firm butt! Then Bock enters the stage, with his murderous smile and his great eyes! To top the series and make up for Moretti’s replacement, Brantner has a body to die for! God, I wish I could live in a city populated exclusively by serial killers, just to meet these gorgeous detectives!

3. Men are always looking for good-looking girls

You see they are handsome, but they also know it, so our men are always on the lookout for a new partner – out of crime. I’ve lived my whole teenage life believing that men are always interested in women, just to find out this is a huge bulls**t! When I was old enough for romance I found that men are rarely interested in women, not to mention sex. Which was a colossal disappointment…

4.Good cops also make good dads

Another major life distortion found all over in the series, as Moser and Bock would definitely make awesome dads. They know how to act around children of all ages, they are sensitive and they are able to bond with the little ones in the blink of an eye, which makes you imagine how well they’d parent their own children.

5. Detectives on duty always have time to relax

Dealing with a tough case never stopped Moser and the team to take some hours to relax. Sometimes they find time to read a story to a child, other times they just relax with a female suspect, spend some leisure time with a victim or have a nap in the car, but they are always ready to step back and enjoy life off duty, when they are supposed to be on duty.

6. Colleagues are friendly and make good friends

This one is the ultimate life-distort in Kommissar Rex, as I found four years ago. The series presents friendly mates, who obey the leader. They work together and they party together. They exchange gifts and they protect each other, no matter what are the consequences.

Which is the exact opposite of the real relationships between colleagues. Nowadays you are being gossiped about, laughed at and pushed into the “grave” when you’re in trouble. I could write a whole novel on how bad are the relationships inside an office nowadays, so I will sum it all up in a single phrase: Kommissar Rex gave me unrealistic expectations when it comes to work colleagues relationships.

A personal secret: the love affairs in Kommissar Rex set the base for two of my sexual fantasies… which were quickly discredited by the men in my life, so here is another way Kommissar Rex distorted life for me.

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