Faith in humanity lost #worstweekforhumanity

The week started really awesome with a “chick” from IndieChicks missing my internship interview. We’ve set the hour, the timezone, everything, but when I came online one hour before my interview and waited patiently… TWO hours! The woman was not there! But she did managed to pop online three hours later, after I gave her two emails. And she was the one pissed off! Ha!

Tuesday was the time to see how a clueless teen has a “fixed rate” for his articles. Mind you, I am only working for five years in the field, but I don’t afford a “fixed rate” because I am still learning. Which will probably stop about 30 years from now, when my expertise will allow me to set a fixed rate for my work. Because I will be able to deliver close to perfect articles. And before you ask, the guy wanted 200 euros for less than 4.000 words, which is usually paid in freelancing with 40 dollars. I am sooo sick of “I rule the world, I am perfect, I know everything” teens, fresh from the school, who are clueless on how much they value and how much their work is worth!

Then there is this guy from Dhaka who drops me 5-8 articles at the end of the day and expects to receive them in like 2-3 hours. I am a human!!! I need to document on those! Another one who is clueless about how this whole “writing” thing goes on! And guess what? After he forgot to send me articles for two days, he sends something at 5AM and asks me about “work progress” at 6AM. Seriously???

I am sooo sick of people!

And then there is the TR issue. Aka Tony Robinson, the British comedian. Apparently, a Callie owns him – because she has an UN-OFFICIAL website about him (which hasn’t been updated for ages) and no one else can have another website on this guy. Oh really??? As long as you don’t own the internet, I can make thousands of websites on TR! And I will probably do, the next time I am dealing with insomnia!

Then, all the photos you can find on TR are owned by people who took them. Even if it’s about a teeny tiny picture, shot from miles away, “it is mine”. Well, unless you happen to own the guy and all the pictures he ever took, you DON’T own that! Copyright is one thing, being a jerk is another!

To make everything even worse and even lower queen of all thing TR, Callie, is jerkie enough to ignore all the emails and message I send to her, until, I post something about TR on my own site, written by me. Girl, you’ve picked the wrong person to mess with! I am not buying this and never will!

Now, there are three more days of this week and I am looking forward to see what human dirt will they bring.


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